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Carl Hinton

Carl Hinton

Originally, curiosity brought me some years ago to that first sight of someone performing Yoga. I came to it for the love of movement but as I have journeyed the path, have gone deeper into the meaning of Yoga. Trusting in its teaching the practice of Yoga has always come back to me when I needed it, as does all things natural. Yoga Asana I do for a couple hours daily and practice Karma, Dharma all day.

I began to have a regular practice for the health benefits to the body and mind, but it wasn’t until I travelled to India in search of ways to control my mind and to have clarity in life, that for the first time understood how powerful Yoga is.

Two months living and learning the philosophy of Yoga in an Indian ashram helped me discover that I have always been moving towards and living the Dharma path, though for the most part not knowing it or having the right knowledge to understand it and always wondering what is the right way.

We are always students of Yoga and I am always amazed at what it does for me.